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19 August 2005

Ucl Archive Schema

Filed under: C# — stefanprodan @ 7:03 pm

The zip file standard was too big for my project with to much data that I don’t find useful, so I decided to do my own file. Here is the xml representation of the ucl archive structure:

 <ArchiveHeader size="11"> 
  <magicNumbers size="2"></magicNumbers> 
  <uclAlgorithm size="1"></uclAlgorithm> 
  <compressionLevel size="1"></compressionLevel> 
  <encrypted size="1"></encrypted> 
  <encrytionAlgorithm size="1"></encrytionAlgorithm> 
  <checksumAlgorithm size="1"></checksumAlgorithm> 
  <filesIndex size="4"></filesIndex> 
 <FILE multiplication="n"> 
  <FileHeader size="8" extrasize="filename"> 
   <fileIndex size="4"></fileIndex> 
   <fileNameSize size="4"></fileNameSize> 
   <fileName size="fileNameSize"></fileName> 
  <BLOC multiplication="n"> 
   <BlocHeader size="8"> 
    <originalSize size="4"></originalSize> 
    <compressedSize size="4"></compressedSize> 
   <BlocFooter size="8"></BlocFooter> 
  <FileFooter size="12"> 
   <checksum size="4"></checksum> 
   <totalLenght size="8"></totalLenght> 
 <ArchiveFooter size="0"></ArchiveFooter> 

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