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20 May 2005

Secure Deletion of files

Filed under: C# — stefanprodan @ 1:09 pm

Here it is a safe method based on the .NET Random class:

/// <summary> 
/// Secure Deletion method 
/// </summary> 
/// <param name="strFilename"> 
/// the path of the file to be erased 
/// </param> 
/// <param name="nTimes"> 
/// number of times to run the erase algorithm 
/// </param> 
public static void EraseFile(string strFilename, int nTimes) 
    if (!File.Exists(strFilename)) 
        throw new 
              ArgumentException("The file does not exist"); 
    while (nTimes >= 0) 
        FileStream fs = File.OpenWrite(strFilename); 
        int nBytesInFile = (int)fs.Length; 

Random random = new Random(); 
        Byte[] b = new Byte[nBytesInFile]; 

for (int i = 0; i < nBytesInFile; i++) 


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